Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Colorado trip part 3: Mesa Verde

Our last stop was a place we have been wanting to go for several years.  Mesa Verde, and it was amazing.

 The sites are so much bigger than I had imagined.

 We were able to visit Cliff Palace with the Ranger.  We really love going on the Ranger led hikes because you learn so much more about the places you visit.

 It's kind of ridiculous how cute these two are.

It was quite a climb, getting in and out of these sites.  Lots of ladders and steep stairs, but it was worth it.

 There are wild horses in Mesa Verde which thrilled Brianna and she was always on the lookout.  We finally saw one and it was tragic.  This baby horse and it's sibling were abandoned by it's mother.  A local rancher had come and taken the other horse away but this one didn't want to get caught.  They were going to wait till it wasn't as healthy and try again.  At least we know it will be taken care of.

 We also hiked down to the Long House.  This hike was also led by a Ranger and we learned so much.

 One more Jr. Ranger badge.
 A cool sculpture outside the visitor center.

 On our way home we stopped in 4 corners.  Here we are, each in a different state.
 Being in 4 places at once.

 And we can't forget our fabulous game of miniature golf at our campground.
We had an amazing time and I am so lucky that I get to go on fun trips to amazing places with my awesome family!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Colorado trip part 2: Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Our next stop was Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  It is the newest of all the National Parks and only became one in 1999. 

 We went on a really cool hike from the Campground to the Visitors center along the rim of the Canyon.

 I really like these people.  We have so much fun on our trips and the girls are so great about hiking with us and so excited to see knew things, even it it is just another canyon.

 The Canyon was really cool and reminded me of something out of Game of Thrones.  The canyon is super deep and looking down them caused vertigo.

 The rocks have patterns in them that in places look like dragons drawn on the canyon walls.

 We even got grandma to get out of the car:)

 And the girls added another Badge to their Jr, Ranger collection.

On our way to our next destination we stopped in Silverton, Colorado.