Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's finally here

Our Two Little Princesses
Our Fabulous neighbors the Litchfields threw a really great party tonight. The kids were so cute in their costumes.
This is one of our best friends Gig, or Nacho Grande and Dan and Marci's little guy. He wasn't even a bit scared of the weird guy in the mask.

Marci had lots of game for the kids to play

Pin the face on the pumpkin.

Bobbing for apples

Carly was pretty smart and went for the stem, and hardly got wet at all.

Thank you Dan and Marci. We had a great time. You are awsome.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged Again

I got Tagged by one of my oldest friends Rachel.

So here are my Seven Things

1. I hate Shoes and socks and therefore have the ugliest roughest feet in the world, Because I don't wear them unless I have to.
2. I love to hear celebrity gossip. I know the names and faces of celebrities even if I don't know their shows or music.
3. I'm horrible at remembering names of actual people I've met.
4. Growing up we had tons and tons of animals (mostly birds but also several dogs) now I am not an animal person and I dread the day my girls talk me into a pet.
5 My first job was singing in an Opera at the age of 12.
6. I iron everything.
7. I had Carly without an epidural (not by choice) and I want to see if I can do it again, but I don't really want another child.

So now I'm supposed to Tag 7 people. I don't think I have seven people to tag, But for starters I'll tag. Stacey Jacobson, Angela Daley, Andrea Bentzen, and Heather Zaby.

Have fun Ladies!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Older = Wiser

Jon and I are constantly telling each other we must be getting old. We notice that we do things we never would have done even 5 years ago. Like listening to talk radio over music, and our sudden obsession with home improvement shows, and our interest in the stock market. One of the biggest things making me feel old is the election. I've always voted but I can't say that I was ever an informed voter. This year it seems that a light bulb has gone on and I realize that the way we vote really does affect my life. Eight years ago I probably would have gotten my political views from my favorite late night comic, or what ever the local media favored. It was basically a popularity contest. Now the thought of the younger generation of voters choosing a candidate based on who their favorite celebrity endorses scares me to death. But I was that girl not too long ago. This year I really have taken the time to find out more about what the candidates really stand for, I've watched the debates and tried to get my news from lots of different places. I even read up on the local candidates because they are the ones that really will have an effect on how we live. So I would like to think that I'm getting a little wiser in my old age.

Friday, October 24, 2008


This week I have has the Blah's. I'm not really sad or upset about anything, and I have a million things I need to get done, but I don't really want to do any of them. Instead I've spent far too much Time on the computer and playing sudoko. I hate feeling like this. I hope my Blah mood goes away soon because next week and pretty much from here until Christmas I'm so busy. In the next 2 months we have 9 birthdays in our family Jon and I's anniversary, all the parties and stuff that come along with the Holidays, all the sewing I have planned and this year I have PTA stuff thrown into the mix. Maybe its a good thing I've been so lazy this week so I will be ready for the marathon that is ahead.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I saw this on my friend Jill's blog. You go to your Pictures file and click on the 4 file and the 4 picture and see what comes up.

How funny that the picture that came up was one of Me and Jill's little Lucy. I really truly didn't know what was going to pop up. This is Lucy on the day she was blessed. I made her dress for her. One of my favorite creations, for one of my favorite people.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Worst time of the day

So here I sit at quarter to 5 doing the same thing I do every day. The girls are getting bored and want their Daddy, and I want their Daddy too. I'm Wondering what to make for dinner, and hoping that someone will call and invite us out, or that the Dinner Fairy will come and leave something delicious warming in the oven. Now I don't mind cooking, in fact some times I really enjoy it. I just hate trying to figure out what to make. Every time I go to my sister-in-law's house she has a little note taped to the fridge with a menu for the week and I think, I should do that. But I never do. I try to plan meals when I shop but they never sound good the nights I plan to make them. Then you throw in my picky eaters. There are about 4 different dinners I know Brianna will eat, but half of those Jon doesn't love and Carly, if given the choice, would live on Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup. I need some new stuff to throw into the mix. Any ideas on food my whole family might eat?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Little Pumpkins

Over the weekend we went to get pumpkins.

We went with my sister and her husband and little boy Atticus.
Atty is such a cute little boy, you can't help but smile when he is around. And he loves his crazy cousins.

Grandma Phyllis came along too.

Pumpkin head Brianna.

Cutiest little pumpkins ever.

Sunday afternoon we painted some pumpkin decorations to put in the yard.

The girls did a pretty good job.

I really love Halloween time!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello Out There

So one of my new favorite things to so is to blog surf. I have two little games I play. One is to click on next blog at the top of the page and see how long it takes till you find someone in your area. Since Blogging is pretty popular in my neck of the woods it usually doesn't take too long. My other favorite is kind of like six degrees of separation. I start on some one's blog I do know and see who I can find. It's great and I've found a lot of friends that way. Sometimes it's a little weird to know that others are doing the same to me. I have a sitemeter, so I can sort of see who is in and out of my blog. I have a lot of visitors but I wish they would say Hi. Now, I can't say that I have been brave enough to comment on a strangers blog, but if you feel so inclined I'd be glad to know you. (I'm a chatter, I'll talk to anyone;) And if I do know you, and haven't heard form you in a while, I'd really love to catch up. So HELLO OUT THERE! I know your reading. Now just start typing!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Those were the days

Yesterday evening I watched a very nicely dressed boy with corsage in hand picking up one of our neighbor girls for the Homecoming dance. Then today at church all the girls were in their fancy dresses and their droopy corsages. It made me a little nostalgic. Jon and I went to most of the dances together in high school, including Homecoming. In fact it was the first dance we went to together, only we both had different dates. I went with a friend of his and he was with another girl, but we were in the same group. It was the night I realized what a gentleman he was, and soon after that we started dating each other.

This was Homecoming my junior year. My mom made my dress. And I think we look pretty darn good.

Now we don't have very many occasions to dress up, and even less to go dancing. Last year Jon's company had a big Christmas party with a fancy dinner and dancing. It was so fun and reminded us of our high school days. I even convinced Jon to dance with me.

We may be older and heavier, but we still look good together. And Jon will always be my sweetheart and best friend.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway Halloween

I love Project Runway. for those who don't know what this is, it is a a reality show where they take aspiring clothing designers and give them challenges and the slowly get eliminated till the last few do a big fashion show at fashion week. I would love to do this show, thought I know I'm not that fashionable. So the next best thing for me is Halloween.

I never was a very big fan of Halloween. That is until I had kids and found out how much fun it is to dress them up. Now I start planning months in advance for their costumes and spend way more time and money than I should so they will be the cutest little characters out there.

Brianna was 6months old her first Halloween. I made her the little flower bonnet and bought the green Jammies to keep her warm. She was the cutest little flower around.

When Bri was 18 months old She had the nickname of Brianna Banana. So what else should she be for Halloween but a Banana. This costume took some figuring out but was too fun to make.

When Bri was 2 she loved Curious George. It was the one year I bought her costume.

What's the fun of 2 kids if you can't coordinate their costumes? We joked at the time at the irony of the costumes because Brianna was not an angel. And Carly was my little angel baby. Ah, how times have changed. Now Carly is my devil baby and Bri is an Angel (most of the time)

Brianna decided she wanted to be Ariel months in advance and we couldn't figure out what Carly should be for the longest time. But Ariel needs Sebastian to protect her so I made Carly the Crab.

Brianna wanted to be a Pretty witch last year, and Carly was very happy to be her kitty.

I volunteered to make Brianna's best friend's costume too. She was a Funky Witch.

So this year's challenge is to make Bell, for Brianna and Cindereda (or Cinderella) for My Carly. Since there will be at least a dozen other Little princesses running around I want my two to stand out. Besides, when else can you make an over the top princess out fit for you 3 year-old. SO stay tuned you can see the finished result in a few weeks.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Get Away

We have been working so hard on our house all summer, so we decided to take the weekend off and get away. My brother and his wife have a cabin, so we headed up there for the weekend. Grandma Phyllis came too.

It wasn't the best weather for our little trip but that's okay. Saturday morning we headed into Vernal and watched part of a kids rodeo. My friend Tammy was there, and 2 of her kids were in it.

We got back to the cabin late afternoon and went rock hunting.

little cheese balls.

Luckily Mom anticipated the soggy weather and brought some indoor activities. We made a great haunted house.

Then we made S'mores and watched movies. and played cards.

In the morning we decided to do a little more hiking around the cabin before we left.
Carly took a bucket to gather more rocks.
We had a very relaxing weekend.
Thanks Uncle Jon and Aunt Misti!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Loosing It

Recently I have begun the very long process of loosing weight. My Bompy, who passed away this last spring was always very concerned for my health and my weight and the last thing he said to me was concerning my health. So I am doing it for him. And it is going pretty well slowly but surly it is coming of and I think that maybe he might be giving me that little extra push from above.
So, my clothes are starting to be a little loose and my skinny jeans are all I wear now. I'm feeling pretty good. SO the other night we had gone out and I felt good and I thought I looked good. Then I passed by a mirror and thought 'who is that fat lady?' It was me. I find it funny some times that I think I'm looking so good and everyone else just see the little fat lady. No one has really commented on how I look and I realized that it is because the main place my weight seems to be coming from is my butt. One of my favorite commercials is the one for Slimquick http:// This is what happens to me only in my bum. So next time you see me and you can't really tell that I've lost some weight, Just check out my butt. 20 down. A lot more to go.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What have I gotten myself into?

Last year when Brianna started Kindergarten I like every parent gave my 5 dollars and joined the PTA. Little did I know that half the current PTA presidency had children in Brianna's class. I volunteered in Bri's class a lot and a few times helped out the PTA with some things. At the end of the year I was approached by the new president and asked if I was interested in being the Birthday Mom. I said yes. At the training breakfast I was asked to do citizen of the month, and some how also ended up on the reflections committee. Now I am all for supporting my kid and the school but it seems to me that it is always the same 20 or so moms who do everything in the PTA. Last year I viewed the PTA moms as being a little clique-y. But I think that they are a clique that will accept any one who is willing to help with open arms. I feel a bit overwhelmed some times with my duties. Birthday mom takes a lot of time. But I love that the kids all know me and like me because I give them candy and I'm getting to know many of the teachers too which is fun. I've also met some great Moms who are becoming my friends. But, Bri is off track right now and I'm still in school once a week. So watch out for those PTA ladies once they get you they keep you busy.