Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just for fun!

Brianna got invited to a 'Fancy Nancy' party Saturday and to say she was excited doesn't even come close. She was counting down the days.

She kept changing her mind as to what she should wear. After so looking in my sewing room I found some leftover fabrics and decided to make her a Fancy dress to wear. She loves it so much she even took the time to actually hang it on a hanger.

Sassy sassy!

At the party Brianna got her face painted and her hair done. She loved her butterfly so much that she cried when we washed it off that night.

When Bri got home we decided to go to a train show. We took our nephew Atticus with us.

These are Z trains. The actual train car is not bigger than one knuckle of my pinkie. They do these mountain scenes and put them in suitcases.

Atty really loves his Uncle Jon.

This was the girls favorite. A Lego train set. It was huge. This is only a very small portion of it.
We had lots of fun this weekend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I did indeed spend most of the day watching the inauguration. I'm a patriotic sap and found my self brought to tears several times. I made my girls watch with me, and I'm so glad I did. I explained who every one was to Brianna. When she saw The First Daughters she said "Mom, wouldn't it be cool if I could be their friend and play with them at their house?" Then later she asked me when we were going to have the first girl president. But my favorite part of watching with my girls, was when Brianna started waving a piece of paper over her head. She had drawn herself an American flag. Today I am a proud Mom and a proud American. I am hopeful for the next years to come. Living in Utah I have heard and felt such a negative spirit toward President Obama, and it makes me sad. No matter how you voted now is the time to stand up for our country and our President and lend our support. Change is often scary but after listing to President Obama today I am convinced he is that he is what our country needs.


You can ask any one in my parents generation where they were when Kennedy was shot they will tell exactly where they were and what they were doing. In my life I have had a few days where I feel like I have witnessed history. The Challenger disaster, Princess Diana's death, and of course 9/11. I didn't realize that Tuesday morning when I turned on the TV what I would be witnessing or just how greatly that morning would affect the world or my life.
Today I plan to spend the good majority of the day watching history being made. Whether or not I agree with his politics, today I am proud of my generation for electing a Black president. When I tried to explain to Bri yesterday why Daddy was home and why it was a holiday, it was amazing to think about how far we have come in such a short time. We still have so far to go, but with all the horrible thing that happen in the world, it gives me hope for my kids that they will like in a world were all are accepted anyone can be President. I remember watching other inaugurations and feeling very proud but today is even more special and I'm excited to watch history in the making.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Start them young

I don't remember my mom ever teaching me how to sew. I just did. I do remember her sewing a lot. I would wait for the scraps and then fashion them in to a dress for my barbie. Somewhere along the line My creations went from just wrapping my barbies mummy style to being actual sewn dresses. But in my memory I've always known how to sew. I loved to help pin the patterns and I would sit and pull the pins out as my mom sewed.
We still have 2 more weeks left off track and we are getting a little stir crazy. Aunt Misit gave the girls some sewing kits for Christmas so we pulled them out the other day and had some fun. The girls were really good and didn't need very much help at all.

Brianna made a pig.

and Carly made a cute little bunny.
They already think that I can make anything so hopefully they will soon learn that they can make anything.


Jon has had a beard for the last several months and decided to shave it this past weekend. But since his favorite past time is teasing me, he couldn't resist keeping a cheesy mustache for most of the day.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Frosty family

It just wouldn't be winter without building a snowman family.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mii Fit

For Christmas Santa brought us a Wii. and We love it. I have used it more than everyone. I was able to get a Wii fit and I think it is the greatest thing ever. I've been trying to lose weight this past year and so far it has been going really well. I've done it mostly by changing my diet, but I haven't really exercised much. In the past I've used exercising as an excuse to eat badly. So this time around I felt like I had to get my diet under control before I started exercising.
The Wii fit is the perfect motivator for me.
This is my Mii. You create your own character. Mine is a bit chubby, but I'm a bit chubby. I think she is very cute.

This is my Mii family. Notice the 2 skinny little girls.

The Wii keeps track of your weight and BMI and how much you exercise. So far I have lost 3 pounds using the Wii.
It is pretty expensive but worth every penny.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas Recap

I thought I'd give a little run down of our Holiday so you'll know what your seeing on the slid show I did.
The Saturday before Christmas we got to visit with Santa at our family party. This is always so much fun for the girls.
A few days later we went with my sister, her husband and little boy to see Santa again. We also got to go on a hey ride and have some hot chocolate.
I got to help Brianna's class make gingerbread houses on the Tuesday before Christmas.
On Christmas Eve we celebrate with my Mom and brother and sister. My Sister-in-law helped the kids decorate cookies to leave for Santa then we opened gifts. My family is great gift givers and we really had a great time.
Christmas morning Santa left us a wii. Jon's family came over and Jon made us all Swedish Pancakes. Then we opened more presents.
We had planned to have dinner with my Dad and little brother but the weather was so bad that they couldn't make it. So we headed over to Jon's parents for dinner and a wii bowling tournament. Brianna kick all our butts.
We finally got to celebrate with my Dad and brother the day after Christmas.
On Saturday we decided to head downtown to see the lights. My Brother and his family and my Sister and her family and of course Grandma Phyllis all came along. The kids loved the train. (Trax)
We were busy but we had a great Christmas.