Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The tidy gene

Over all I think I'm doing a pretty good job at this motherhood thing. My kids are happy, polite well rounded little sweethearts (most of the time), but the one department that I am failing miserably in is the cleaning department. I admit it, I'm a slob. But, I don't think it is entirely my fault. I think that cleanliness is a genetic thing. My sister is a very tidy person. Her house is always clean and clutter free. We obviously were raised in the same house by the same mother, and though I love my Mom, she too is also lacking the tidy gene. (Sorry mom)
Now I know that my life would be so much easier and my home cleaner if I could just clean up as I go. Just like I know if I eat less I won't be fat, but some how I just can't do it. The C word has become a bad word at out house, and saying it can cause fits of temper, tears and much whining (and not just from my kids) I try to keep the main rooms of the house under control, but any room with a door that can be closed is another story. There are some rooms (my sewing room) where we can't remember what color the carpet is.
I think Carly may have lucked out an gotten the tidy gene, as she at 4 does a better job at cleaning a room than her sister. I've even found her in the toy room cleaning up and when asked why she is doing it she tells me that she wants to make me happy.
I hope the saying about how my kids won't remember how clean my house was but rather how much fun we had in our house is true. I know it is true for me. I don't remember how clean our house was growing up I do remember how much I hated cleaning it, but I also remember lots of cookies and sewing and other fun things with my mom. I guess I'm just getting my dreaded payback for all the tantrums I must have thrown over cleaning my room.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A day at the museum

The kids were out of school today, so I took them to the Dinosaur museum. It was a bit expensive, but really worth the money. There are tons of cool things to see, and there are lots of interactive things for the kids to do too. My sister and her little guy came with us.

I let the girls each buy a geode.

Daddy helped us crack them open.

Not as cool inside as we had hoped, but we still had fun.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I think my heart stopped

Bri has been riding horses for 2 years now and never fallen off, until today. She has been riding a new horse, Jewles, who is a former race horse and a jumper. Her teacher and I had just been discussing how much this particular horse liked to be ridden. Well her horse got excited and took off around the arena twice at a gallop with Bri holding on for dear life. I think my heart stopped as I she called out for us to help her, but there was nothing I could do. Her teachers finally got the horse to turn around just at Bri fell of. Luckily one of her teachers was there to beak her fall. It was the scariest few minutes of my life, and hers too I'm sure. Her teachers all remained so calm the whole time. She was crying and I ran to hold my baby. She was fine a few bumps, but no real damage. But as the saying goes, she got back on her horse and finished her lesson. She was so scared (so was I) but I'm so proud that she did it. Her teachers were all so great and understanding. Her teacher took her through some equine yoga to calm her down. I on the other hand need a drink. Her teacher proclaimed her a true cowgirl now that she has had her first fall. I know we have been lucky not having an accident till now and I know there will be others. Bri always rides with a helmet and I really trust her teachers. As much as I want to wrap her in bubble wrap and lock her in the house. I know how much she really loves horses. Lately she has been telling us that she wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up and win lots of trophies. We asked her at dinner tonight if she still wants to ride and she said she does. So, we will go again next week, and Bri will get back up on her horse.

Who am I trying to impress

I'm generally known as a crafty person, which can sometimes be a problem. When Brianna was in Preschool, we always made cute crafty Valentines, ID bracelets for the whole class, homemade Valentines. I even kept it up into kindergarten. This year, I have been trying to think of what cute things I should do, but then I got thinking about it, and we would need 20 Valentines for Bri's school class, 15 for her dance class. 12 for Carly's class, and 10 for her dance class. I know this isn't that many compared to some you out there with multiple kids, but I wimped out and just bought the store bought cards. For some reason I feel so guilty about this. I know no one is going to be looking though the bags and saying "That slacker mom Alison only did store bought cards and I know she could do better." Frankly the kids only care about what kind of candy is attached to said Valentines (Pixi sticks for Bri, Conversation hearts for Carly, she picked, remember she is a Pica she likes chalk) But, really I'm feeling like a slacker. I know it's a problem. I need to just get over myself.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


An abnormal desire to eat substances (as chalk or ashes) not normally eaten.

This is my little Pica Baby. She has always liked to eat dirt, chalk, lotion is a real favorite and a marker was never safe around Carly. I remember when she was a baby wondering if there was something wrong with her taste buds, but then we remembered how much she loves sugar.
For the most part we have the Pica under control, but even the food she likes are a little odd. She love raw potatoes, horseradish sauce and unsweetened grapefruit.
Last night she decided to try the silica pellets (Those little packets that they put in stuff) Luckily she only ate one. But we still had a puke filled evening. Hopefully she has learned her lesson.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's not the football it's the food

We are not big on sports at our house. This is something I'm super grateful for. I'm very glad that Jon does not feel the need to waste hours watching football, or any other sports. We are however, aware that tomorrow is 'the big game' and though we aren't interested in this game, we are interested in having a good excuse to eat some good food. We are planning on taquitos, I'm going to beef and I've never done chicken ones and I thought I'd mix it up and both. I'm also going to do a 7 layer dip or a Walking Taco as we call it. We got take out salsa from our favorite restaurant too. Yummy! What are you all having?

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Big descision

Ever since Bri started school I have tried to be involved at her school. For the past two years I have been very involved in PTA. Last year I was the Birthday Mom, I much bigger job than I thought it would be. And this year I have been in charge of Donut Dates. I also try to help where ever else I am needed, and because it seems like there is a core group of about 15 or so of us it seems I help out a lot. I find it very rewarding. Brianna loves that her mom is around so much, I have a great relationship with the teachers and secretaries and I have made some really great friends.
The past few months the PTA president has been teasing me about what a great president I would make. Yesterday she told me that they plan to nominate me for President. I am freaked out. On one hand I am very flattered that this particular group of women think that I could take on such a big job, I also think they don't know me very well if they think I can. I also worry that I don't have the social or leadership skills I would need to do this. I have never felt like I fit in very well in my church community so how will I be able to relate to these women, but on the flip side of that, maybe that is a good thing because I could attract the moms who aren't churchy. This would be a 2 year commitment, as I would be pres elect next year and the Pres then next year. I just don't know if I could really handle the stress that would be involved is such an undertaking. I also know what an important job this is. I know that Becky and the others have thought long and hard about this and do not take the decision lightly. I just don't want to let anyone down. And seriously I'm not old enough to be the PTA Pres.
I watched a movie with Carly earlier this week and there was a quote in it that really struck me. So much so that I added it at the top of the blog, I can't believe how much it relates to what I am going to right now.
I really hope I can find the confidence and fabulousness to pull this off.