Friday, June 17, 2011

Take a Hike

We went on a little hike the other day with some of our cousins.

My sister in law and her kids.

Me and my girls.

We hiked a portion of the Bonneville shoreline trail. The kids did really great. I'm glad we have cousins close by to play with.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Future Horse Trainer

Bri didn't get to ride a whole lot this winter, but we started up her regular lesson today and she was very excited.

Her teacher had her start with what they call ground work. They basically use the crop to direct the pony around the arena, it helps them with trust and to know who is boss. Many of the horses at the stable we go to are rescued and have been abused. This little black pony one had a bit (the part that goes in their mouth) made out of barbed wire.

Bri has a way with naughty pony's and by the end of the lesson he was following her around.

She has been a little scared of cantering since her incident last year when her horse got spooked, but she cantered on the little black pony and even though she told me she was scared, She still was smiling.

She is getting really good.

These two make me laugh.

Willow is Brianna's teacher's daughter. She decided to give Carly a lesson while her mom was working with Bri. So these 2 little girls (5 and 6) saddled Little Bill (with a little help) and Willow gave Carly a lesson.

They are just too cute.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First swim of the year

We are so lucky to get to go swimming at Grandma's every week. This week we started up our regular Sunday Swims. We have so much fun

I love these little fishes.

We can't wait for next weekend!

Fashion show

We had the cousins sleep over this weekend. We always have so much fun with them. One of the girls favorite things to do is to have fashion shows. This one was for their 'pets'.

Carly and her pet kitty.

Zoe and her elephant.

Bri and her giraffe.

They are so creative and I'm glad they are so close and have so much fun together.

A really big swing!

Last week we met my sister and her boys at the park for a picnic. While we were there a man threw a harness over a tree limb and started letting the kids swing.

Carly has no fear. They got really high and she loved it.

Bri's turn. She loved it too. It was a very fun little break in our day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Schools out for summer!

This was a really great school year for both girls, and we are really excited for summer.

Bri and her teacher Mr. Ault. Bri got her Eagle award, National Fitness, and an award for singing in the choir.

Carly and her teacher Ms. Larsen. Carly got her Eagle award.

Both girls did so well this year and really loved their teachers.


After more than 20 years teaching my Dad retired last week. This is him with his grand kids and his turtles.
He will be missed.

Weekend away

We were lucky enough to be able to spend Memorial weekend at the Cabin. I was really bad about taking pictures, but we really didn't do much but hang out.

We did go fishing, though we didn't catch anything.

Henry still thought it was pretty fun.

Bri was very patient and daddy and her even went out a second time to try again.

Carly and Atticus weren't quite as patient.

If you look really hard you can see some prong horn in the distance. It was a very relaxing weekend, and we are very lucky to get to spend time there.

Thank You!