Friday, January 31, 2014

Bon Bon

Carly to to be in the Nutcracker again.  This year she was a Bon Bon.  That is what they call the little girls who hide under Madam Bonbader's dress.

 Her cousin Zoe was a Sugarplum Page.

 Lots of family came to see Carly perform,  and her best friend and even her teacher.

 I even got to make some of the costumes this year.
The girls she danced with.
She had so much fun and can't wait for the next production!


Both the girls entered photos in the PTA Reflections contest this year and they both won!
The theme was 'Dreame, Believe, Inspire' 
Bri took a picture of a mustang named Thor.

Carly took a picture of one ot the older dancers on Point.

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This is the girls with the Principal. I'm very proud of my girls