Sunday, February 16, 2014

Last month we decided to take a last minute trip to Bryce Canyon National Park.
 We have never been to any of the parks in the winter and I'm so glad we took the chance to go.

 The weather was beautiful and it was fun to see the snow against the red rocks.

We had the best time.  I would recommend going, it was so fun.


Christmas is always so much fun with our families. We always spend Christmas Eve at my brother's house.  We eat yummy food and let the kids play and just enjoy being together.  
 After the kids got out of the hot tub we opened presents.  I love how the kids all crowd around eachother as the open the gifts.
 Bri was happy to get some horses.
 Carly got a Ballet Barbie.
 Then we frosted some cookies for Santa.

When we got home the girls opened their Christmas Jammies made by Mom.

Then Santa came.

Both girls were spoiled and happy!

Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's for Swedish pancakes.