Monday, July 26, 2010

My new favorite thing

A month or so ago my wonderful hubby got me a new toy, an itouch. I'm a little behind the technological times and have never had an ipod before. I love it. You might think that I promptly filled it with all my favorite music, but I have discovered podcasts. My new favorite thing is to find a nice shady spot under the misters and listen to my shows and play solitaire while Bri has her ridding lesson. I'm even looking forward to dance classes to start so I will have even more time with my shows. I've been working on a big quilt order and have to tie 7 quilts.I have 4 tops done click here to see them. I was a bit worried that the tieing would be very boring, but I tied one this morning and it was quite enjoyable because I had Ira Glass to keep me company. My favorite podcasts are This American Life, an NPR show, and another called The Parent Experiment. The Parent Experiment can get a bit naughty, but it is basically two ladies and a guest who talk about being parents, it reminds me of conversations I have with my best friend, and makes me feel normal to know that every mom freaks out a little sometimes. So cyber friends, do you listen to any podcasts that I should be listening to?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The best summer ever

So remember how I complained a few weeks ago about going a little crazy, well we finally got out of the house and have been having lots of fun.

Last Friday I took the girls to Farm country. We always have so much fun there.

Of course, we have fun there, they get to ride horses. You'd think that the novelty of riding the ponies around the exercise wheel would be gone since she rides real horses all the time. But, Brianna never met a horse she didn't want to ride. Carly got to ride too.

We also went on a wagon ride.

These horses were named Bell and Holly.
Last week was a rough week. Our good friends and neighbors grown daughter died suddenly, then later in the week our other very good friends and neighbors announced that they had sold their house and were moving. I spent the better part of the week trying to help my neighbors, so Friday night we dropped the girls off at my Mom's and after attending the viewing for our neighbor's daughter we headed up the canyon and had dinner on the patio of our favorite restaurant. It was so lovely and I felt totally recharged after a good nights sleep.
The girls got to do lots of swimming with grandma and Saturday afternoon we took them to see Despicable Me. (very cute show, we all really enjoyed it)

Monday I took the girls to the float preview party for the big Pioneer Day parade this weekend.
They both got their faces painted.

Jon called me Monday afternoon and said he had tickets to the Rodeo that night. Remember my Mommy guilt over the parade? Well I also have mommy guilt about rodeos. When I was young, we always went to the rodeo, every summer, and I loved it. So I've felt huge guilt over the fact that I have the worlds most horse crazy little girl and I've never taken her to a real rodeo.
Needless to say we were very very excited to go. Sadly I didn't take a camera so I have no pictures of this even, but we had a blast. Durring the rodeo Jon asked Bri if she was having fun, she told him that this was the best summer ever. I haven't been to a Rodeo since I was a teenager and I had forgotten how much I liked them. We are hoping to get to another one soon.

Bri is still taking horse lessons, as she calls them, and is currently riding a pony named Blue. They make a good pair.

While Bri has her lesson, Carly gets to play with her little friend Willow. She is Brianna's teacher's daughter. They drive around the 'tractor' and deliver hay to the horses. Such cute little girls.

Wednesday, the girls and I convinced Grandpa Gail to go on a hike with us. We wanted to go to Lisa falls but couldn't find the trail head. Then I fell and messed up my ankle, so we called it a day.

Honestly, they are just too cute.

Thursday (today) we went to the Zoo with all our cousins. Cousins make everything funner.

Cutest bunch of kids!

Can you guess tomorrow's plans?
SLEEP! I'm exhausted!
Hope your all having a fun summer!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As promised, here are some pictures for the all horse parade. There are a lot of parades in month of July around here, and I'm not really a parade person, It's one of those things I feel mommy guilt about. When I was little my Uncle managed a bank that was right along the parade route for the big 24th of July parade, so every year we would sleep over at the bank and get up in the morning and watch the parade. it was so much fun. But now I would rather poke out my eyeballs then brave the crowds to watch the parade. That is why the All Horse Parade is the best. It's short and sweet, not many crowds and parking is great.

This is our little gang at the parade.

I also went on a hike with my cousin to Silver lake. It was a very relaxing morning.
These three goofs make me happy.

So you might remember last year when Carly cut her hair, Well you'd think my kids would be scarred from the tantrum I threw, but apparently not, because just last week Bri decided to cut her hair. Really? I thought we were past this. So this is how her hair turned out once my friend Tammy worked her magic. She didn't want bangs, but she really had no choice. She look pretty cute. She also looks so much like my sister it's a bit scary.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Note to self

Do not publish posts written when feeling melancholy.

Sorry for the Debbie Downer post. We actually had a fun weekend. We went to the all horse parade and swimming. This morning the girls and I went on a hike with my cousin and her kids. I would still like to go out to the copper mine and I'm planning on taking the girls to tour a candy factory. If anyone is interested in joining us we'd love the company.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Since Bri started school a few years ago we've been on a year-round schedule which means a short summer. I've always felt like we have to pack as much as we can into those few weeks, and always felt like we didn't get to do all the things we wanted before school started.
This year is different. We have a normal 3 month long summer. We aren't even half way through and we are going a little crazy. I feel like I have to be doing something fabulous every day and I'm failing miserably. So may of the things I want to do cost money and the thing that are free, it's just too hot to do. Also, I don't want to go alone. My sisters are working moms, so they can't go in the day. I've tried to make plans with a few of my friends but it seems they are busy with other friends. I wanted to do some hiking but I worry about taking the girls without help. We also like to do things as a family, so the thought of going bowling with out Daddy to see the girls the first time makes me sad. I guess I need to just quit being afraid and go do it, cuz these girls are going a little crazy and taking me with them.

Monday, July 5, 2010


We had a really great 4th of July weekend. Saturday we went to 2 different BBQ one at my friends house and the second with my sister and our families.

My sister lives a few blocks from a park that puts on a fireworks display.
We did a few fireworks of our own before the big show.

I sure love these two little firecrackers.