Friday, February 18, 2011


Sorry for another slightly lame post but I'm sure you will forgive me because it has pictures of beautiful men.

I have a crush. I don't think I have been this obsessed with a celebrity since I was 12 and had a crush on the Newsies boys. My crush is Timothy Olyphant.

Isn't he beautiful? He has been in lots of things but no one ever knows who he is.

I fist saw him in Deadwood, it was an HBO series many years ago, where he played the sheriff of the old west town of Deadwood.

He has been in several movies since then and then last year he started doing a show called Justified. Again he plays a sheriff. It is so good, you should watch it. He has been doing the talk shows to promote his show and a movie he is in and he is just so cute. Half the fun is that my sisters are crushing on him too and we talk about him like he is Justin Beiber or something.

He is also in the movie Catch and Release from a few years ago. It is a good movie, he is very sexy, and has the best last line ever.
But, no one will ever beat the crush I have on this man.
So Sexy. I really love this man.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How often do you eat out?
I try really hard to cook on weekdays, but we usually eat out on Friday and Saturday. This last week though we have been bad. Last Thursday I helped all day at a school fundraiser and when I got home Jon went and got us In and Out. Friday was date night and Saturday we hit Taco Time. Sunday was a family dinner at my Mom's, by the time I got done with 3 Valentine parties on Monday I was exhausted so we went to Red Robin, We got such bad service that they gave us our meal for free. Last night Chick-fillet sponsored PTA night so we ate there. I finally managed to cook dinner tonight. I made meat loaf and it was good, I put cheese in the middle. I have no clue what I am going to make tomorrow. I don't mind cooking I just really hate trying to figure out what to make everyday. My sister in law is so good at planning out the meals for the week, but I'm just not that organized. Jon got me new skillets for Valentines day, romantic I know, but that is what I wanted. Most of our kitchen stuff I got when we got married which means it is now 15 years old. My friend says we should get to have a 'we stayed married for a long time so our stuff is old shower,' So we can get new kitchen stuff.
Now that I've rambled on...... Are your kids picky eaters. And, what is your favorite thing to cook. I need some new ideas. Share your good recipes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To my friends, who shall remain anonymous. Please, Please keep looking at my blog. I love that some stranger is interested in what I'm sewing up. Your right I didn't go private for that reason, I just wanted to invite every one to post comments. Some times I feel like no one is looking or caring about what is on here. Knowing you are out there checking me out makes me want to post more often and better stuff. In fact feel free to add me to your blog role. Some of my best friends I have made over the Internet. See. Please don't go.

Trying not to procrastinate

I'm a huge procrastinator. I think I just work better under pressure, that and I'm not very organized and things sneak up on me. So every year I think I'm going to do something different and cute for my kids to give as valentines, because I hate the store bought ones. But I never seem to be that on the ball. This year is different I've got a lot going on so of course I feel the need to add to it. I had this great idea for Bri's Valentines.

We've made cards that say 'Straight from the horses mouth' and this picture will go inside.

For my little Carly we are repeating a melted crayon project we did a few years ago and are putting it with a mini coloring book.

We've also got to make a hundred days poster due Friday, Bri has to make a Valentines box, and I am in charge of a craft for Carly's party. I know not that much stuff, I've made a good dent so hopefully we won't be doing it all on Sunday night.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I know lots of people look at my blog, and I love it. But, I'd love to know who you all are. So please, even if I don't know you, say Hi.