Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A whale of a tale

This is the house we stayed in on Newport Beach, and when I say on Newport Beach I mean it, we were just steps from the beach. It was a little loud at times but we were quite entertained by the public shower directly in front of our little deck. We stayed on the bottom level of this house.

No trip to So California would be complete without a stop at Disneyland. We walked in and were greeted by Micky.

This is all the kids and some of the parents with the big Mouse.

When we walked in the Gates we immediately saw Micky Minny and Goofy. All the kids were so excited and shouting the names of the characters they saw and Brianna yells " Look Mom. a horse!" She had seen on of the carriages. She is so funny.

Bri and Grandma on the jungle cruise.

Waiting for the Nemo ride to start. Jack, who is 1 was so cute on this ride. We had so much fun watching him.

Brianna and Daddy hoping Dumbo will fly.

Jack taking a snooze.

The kids with Jasmine and Aladdin. Jasmin told Bri that she really liked her shirt. Bri thought that was so great.

Besides Disneyland the only other time we ventured from our spot on the beach was to go whale watching. I'm not really a boat person, but it was a big boat and a calm sea that day.

The kids had a great time on the boat.

Captain Bob even let the kid sit in the Captains chair.

My cute Hubby the photographer.

Things really got fun when we started to see dolphins.

There were tons of them and the were so fun to watch racing the boat.

We were really excited when we finally spotted a Blue whale. The whales will surface and blow air and water out their blow hole 4-10 times before diving back down for food. They stay under for 10-15 min before surfacing again. We were told to look for the spray.

This was a truly amazing thing to see and something that I really never thought I would see. They are such massive animal. These pictures really don't show how big they are.

I feel really lucky to have seen this. Brianna was in heaven.

One last random picture.

On our last night there, we had just finishedtaking our family picture on the beach when what do we see but 3 aliens. I still don't know what the heck this was all about.


Rachel Banks said...

That looks soooo killer. I'm seriously jealous of that vacation. My future vacations will be trips to Home Depot to redo a bathroom or to the backyard to swim :) Ug!

Cami and Dustin said...

That's awesome that all those Disney characters were there to greet you! And I would love to go whale watching, that is super cool. That picture of the aliens cracks me up and freaks me out at the same time!! That is so funny, random and strange!!