Sunday, June 27, 2010

Extreme Cowgirl Challenge

This weekend Brianna participated in an Extreme Cowgirl Challenge. Many events your used to seeing at a rodeo like pole bending and barrel racing don't really require a lot of skill by the rider but rather a horse that knows what it is doing. So the point of the Cowgirl challenge is to make your horse do different things that show the riders control of the horse.

First, Bri had to get her horse from the arena, take her to the platform and get on.

There was a whole series of obstacles, like taking the horse between a rock and a fence, past some cows, weaving through trees and picking some flowers. One of the last was to get the horse to go over a large log.

Her horse Buck was more interested in eating but Bri managed to get her through the course.

She did another event that was like a modified Barrel run, where she had to pick up a curry comb off the barrels and put it on the next one. She was so high on her horse that the lady had to had it to her.

She did well enough to place third. I'm very proud of how well she cares for and handles her horse.

One of her friends was riding the pony Little Bill and Bri decided she wanted a turn.
We had a fun day and she learned a lot.


Rachel Banks said...

That is really cool and unusual. All of my students love horses but none actually ride them. :)

Cami and Dustin said...

Wow! She's really getting great at horse riding, that is awesome good for her! If she keeps it up, which I'm sure she will, she is going to be a rodeo queen soon!!

I saw that you said you have a few posts you've written but not published, I hope you are doing okay. Give me a call or send me a message if you ever need anything! I love you and want you to be happy Alison. :)

stacey said...

That is so AWESOME! I don't think life gets any better, then moments like this. It is fun to watch your kids achieve all their dreams.