Friday, March 11, 2011

Sick and busy

I was starting to feel pretty smug about making it through winter without getting sick. Then last week it finale hit. I tried to deny I was sick for a few days and just kept going, but I finally succumbed Tuesday and spent the day in bed. I had to because I was going to be very very busy the next to days. Wednesday and Thursday we had parent teacher conferences (both girls are doing very well) at the school and if your are the PTA president that means busy. We run a book fair during conferences and we also feed our teachers dinner on Wednesday night and lunch on Thursday after noon. That means almost 2 whole days spent at the school, and I was just the helper on this one. Two other ladies were in charge of those things and spent many more hours than I did pulling it off. It did strike me as a bit ironic last night when the principal came to tell us goodbye as he was leaving and we (the volunteers) stayed for at least another hour cleaning up. The teachers are all so grateful for what we do and it is nice to hear it, and make me feel go to be doing good things with my time.
Now though, my house looks a bit like a bomb went off. Added to the fact that I haven't been home or useful for about a week, out dryer is not drying. I'm hoping Jon can fix it this weekend, but it is at least 15 years old so it might be time for a new one. Ah the timing, we just paid of our RC Willey bill.

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