Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Future Horse Trainer

Bri didn't get to ride a whole lot this winter, but we started up her regular lesson today and she was very excited.

Her teacher had her start with what they call ground work. They basically use the crop to direct the pony around the arena, it helps them with trust and to know who is boss. Many of the horses at the stable we go to are rescued and have been abused. This little black pony one had a bit (the part that goes in their mouth) made out of barbed wire.

Bri has a way with naughty pony's and by the end of the lesson he was following her around.

She has been a little scared of cantering since her incident last year when her horse got spooked, but she cantered on the little black pony and even though she told me she was scared, She still was smiling.

She is getting really good.

These two make me laugh.

Willow is Brianna's teacher's daughter. She decided to give Carly a lesson while her mom was working with Bri. So these 2 little girls (5 and 6) saddled Little Bill (with a little help) and Willow gave Carly a lesson.

They are just too cute.

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