Sunday, July 31, 2011

Travel Log Days 1,2,and 3

We have been on vacation for the last 12 days. We had so much fun, but we are very glad to be home. We decided to go see Mt. Rushmore and make a big loop through Wyoming into South Dakota and into Yellowstone. I think my kids are the perfect age for these kinds of trips. They are good in the car and are interested in learning about all the places we visit. Plus we really love the national parks and monuments.

Our first stop was Independence Rock, in central Wyoming. This was more of a rest stop on our first day traveling, but the history around it is very interesting. It was a stopping place for many pioneers on the Oregon Trail, and they would carve their name in the rock.

It was very windy, but a nice place to stop.

Day to we made it to South Dakota and stopped in at Jewel Cave National Monument. Jewel Cave is the 2nd longest cave in the world. The tours to go through were all full for the day, but the girls still got their Jr. Ranger badges and Brianna got to learn more about Bats, one of her favorite subjects.

The next day we went to Wind Cave National Park. Wind cave is the 5th longest cave in the world.

We were able to go in this cave. It is different form most caves in that it doesn't have very many stalactites or stalagmites but instead has what is call box work and other mineral formations. It was 54 degrees inside.

They also got their Jr. Ranger badges here

On the way home we drove through Custer State Park.

We drove the wildlife loop that had some fun animals including these burrows that wanted to get in our car. Check out Carly inside the car.

I'll post more pictures in the next few days of the rest of our trip. Still to come, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands, Deadwood and lots more.

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