Monday, October 3, 2011

When we were on our trip this summer I found a boxed set of all the Little House on the Prairie books.  I loved these books and the show when I was young and I couldn't resist buying them for my girls.

So we read a chapter every night and it is my very favorite part of my day.  I love these book and I love snuggling up with my girls to read with them every night.  It's funny to me to see how much Mary and Laura are like my little girls. Tonight we finished the 2nd book and it's kind of a cliff hanger the girls are so excited to start the next book.  I really love to read and I hope my girls are leaning to love reading too.
What are you reading to your kids?

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Misti said...

Zoe and I are reading MANDY by Julie Andrews Edwards. (The Julie Andrews from Sound of Music.) It was my favorite book as a little girl about Brianna's age. Zoe's loving it. We'll have to read the Little House on the Prairie series next!