Monday, December 5, 2011

O Christmas Tree

 We set up our tree this weekend.  I was feeling very uninspired to do any decorating or do anything Christmas-y for that matter, but it had to be done.  So we spent the morning cleaning and then got out all the decorations.  Once we started decorating I remembered how much I enjoy it. 
How could I not with this sweet girl smiling at me.
 I love how each ornament has a story to tell and how we tell the same one's every year.
 Bri put the star on.
 Carly made some adjustments.
 While we were decorating Bri asked me where is Drammy's ornament.  I love that even thought her great-grandma, who we called Drammy, passed away when Bri was just a baby she knows all about her and the special ornament that she gave us.

 This ornament is special too. It was given to me by my Bompy, my grandpa and Drammy's honey.  He kept up her tradition of giving us an ornament every year.  I love all the memories we get to share this time of year.

Another fun tradition we have is a family ornament that my Brother and his wife Misti always get for us.  We look forward to getting them every year. 
Our tree. 
 I really don't understand people who do different themes on their tree every year.  Our tree is 15 years old this is it's 16th Christmas.  Somewhere along the way we wired on lights and every year we say that if some of the lights don't come on we will get a new one, but this year there is a dark spot we just hid in back. I love our little tree, and I'm starting to feel more Christmas-y.

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