Monday, January 2, 2012

Pre Christmas Fun

 There are so many fun things going on this time of year.  Here are a few of the thing we did leading up to Christmas.
First up was a visit with Santa.  Carly came prepared with a list ( the only one of the kids to have one)  which included a crab with a shell that comes off. (No!)
 Bri's turn.
 I think they made the nice list, but only because they are so darn cute.
 We had 'Elf Day' at school.
 Too Cute!

 Carly's class made gingerbread houses and Carly was so excited that Daddy came to help.
 Brianna sang with the Choir.  They were fabulous!
On the last day before the break the school does a sing along.  Parents are not allowed, but I snuck in and took pictures.  Here is Carly and her best friend Grace.  So cute!

December is so much fun!

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