Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sometimes I wish I had a blog that always had new fun ideas and that tons of people looked at everyday and were always pinning my stuff.
And some times I look at these ladies blogs and think These people are CRAZY!  I just came across a blog that gave directions on how to paint your washing machine.  Really people?  Are we so desperate to be the perfect house wife that we have resorted to painting our washing machines,....... with polka-dots?!  Her husband must think she is crazy!   I've said it before I think that we all put way too much pressure on ourselves and have become competitive about being a good mom.  I think it is ridiculous.  Now I totally admit that I fall into the trap too.  I sometimes debate posting stuff I've made or done because I don't want to come across as showing off.  The think is, I love sewing and creating stuff for and with my kids.  I do it because I want to and I feel like some times these blogs are just doing it so they can post something.  Some times reading them just makes me tired.

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