Friday, July 12, 2013

Catch up

Summer is in full swing and I haven't even blogged about the end of school.  The girls ended the year by each having solos in the school choir concert.  Carly sang a solo to the song 'It's Possible'  and Bri sang a solo for ' Pure Imagination.'  I helped conduct the choir again this year and had so much fun.

Carly also performed in the second grade talent show.  She made up a ballet to 'Fur Elise.'  I was very proud of her because she has been pretty shy up until now and she has surprised us lately.  Bri also preformed a song with a small group of kids in the 5th grade talent show, but my camera was dead so I don't have a picture.

Last day of school, Bri made some really great friends this year.

She had a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Tuft

Carly really loved her teacher Mrs. Yanda.

They were both sad when school was over.

So we took them up to Park City to our favorite restaurant and to ride the Alpine Slide.

Carly rode all by herself.  So brave

We also rode the Alpine Coaster.  It was a great way to start our summer!

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