Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Reads?

I recently joined Good Reads, mainly because facebook told me to but I'm slightly embarrassed to post what book I'm reading. My friends all seem to be reading great biographies and very serious book, but my taste run along the lines of smut. That's right I love a good romance novel, the smutty er the better.
When I was young I read a lot. Then came came high school and all the forced reading and dissecting of every book really ruined my joy of reading. Then shortly after we moved into our house, my Dad came to stay with us, and shortly after that he fell and broke his femur. It was a very very hard time in my life. I was taking care of my dad and I spent a lot of time in waiting rooms so I started reading again. Reading was my escape and I was reading 5 or 6 books a week. It was such a stressful time of my life and books helped me to not dwell on all the hard things I was dealing with and instead escape to the world of my romance novel. I didn't want to read things that were serious or depressing. I've even had the chance to meet some of my favorite authors and chat with them, and they were all so nice.

I'm not completely opposed to reading more serious book, but when all is said and done I'd take a good Nora, or Rachel Gibson any day.
So if you are my friend on Good Reads, don't judge me for my taste in reading matterial, give one of them a try.
Me and Nicholas Sparks
Me and Nora (why didn't anyone tell me how bad my hair was?)
Me and Rachel Gibson ( I was 7 months pregnat with Carly)


Cami and Dustin said...

Hehe, I like the "smutty er" part, you crack me up! I know you'll always make me laugh!

And this is totally random, but I clicked on one of the "you might also like" posts at the bottom of this post and saw your cute wedding pictures, I loved them!

JM said...

Smut is good. I was outta smut, so I had to read a much too deep biography! It so neat to see you with those authors! That is awesome.

Rachel Banks said...

Reading is reading! Good for you :)