Monday, May 10, 2010

What do you do to relax?

Yesterday I threw myself a whooper of a pity party. Last week was a roller coaster to say the least and I struggled to stay upbeat all week. I think it all caught up to me yesterday and so when my washing machine broke down, while holding my clothes hostage, I broke down in tears. Then it rained, and ruined the dinner I had planned to grill, more tears. Thank heaven for Taco Time, and an understanding husband. Anyway once the kids were finally in bed Jon and I sat down to watch our shows, I turned on the lap top and started a marathon session of free cell, it made me feel much better.

A friend of mine once asked me what I do to relax. I like to play free cell, sudoku, sew or quilt, I also like to read. Reading saved my sanity during a particularly rough time in my life, but lately I'm in a slump, when it comes to good reading material. I basically need to do things that force my mind to focus on something else besides the problem that is plaguing me. My friend laughed because most of the things that calm me down stress her out. So what do you do to relax?

BTW, my washer is still holding the clothes hostage which is giving me huge anxiety, and the repair man can't get here till tomorrow.


Janey said...

I am SO with you on the Free Cell and Sudoku. When I'm stressed out about something, there is something about putting those cards and numbers in their correct spots that makes me feel organized, and like I have control over something.
I also like taking a long hot bath, with a yummy cold drink next to me and a good book. Sometimes it really helps me if I go outside-- on a walk, or up into the mountains -- anywhere that is beautiful to me. It always seems to make me feel more alive.
I hope your washing machine gets better soon!
p.s. I just got a sewing machine for Mother's Day, and I'm SO excited to learn to sew some things. I wish you lived closer to me so I could learn from a pro!

Rachel Banks said...

I hope you got your washer fixed because that's enough to drive anyone to tears! Honestly! My problem is....I don't relax. It's been a constant battle.