Monday, April 18, 2011

Best part of Easter

Every year when we were little my mom made my sister and I matching Easter dresses. They were my favorite part of Easter and still are. I kept having second thoughts about the fabric I chose for these dresses, but in the end they turned out so cute. They are knit tank dresses so they can wear them all summer. I'm not usually a fan of shrugs, but these really make the outfit.

We took the girls to hear my mom sing the Rutter requiem. It is one of my favorite pieces of music, and it was beautiful. Even though Jon is not a fan, he and the girls came with. There weren't very many kids there and every one there was so impressed with how well behaved the girls were. I'm glad they enjoy good music. We also got stopped and told how cute they were. I agree! It was a really lovely evening.

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Jane said...

Beautiful dresses, girls and pictures! I love the one of them hugging each other.
It sounds like a fun night-- I really miss singing and listening to good choral music!
Hope you guys have a fun Easter!