Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What exactly is the small stuff?

So you hear all the time "Don't sweat the small stuff." So what exactly is the small stuff. I have some decisions to make about the girls, to keep them in dance or pull one out and put her in soccer and the other in a different studio. This may not seem like that big a deal, but I feel like it IS a big deal. Bri wants to try soccer and since she has to try out for her dance class next year it seems like the right time to pull her out, but I hate the thought of her not dancing, but on the other hand I never did sports and I sometimes wish I had. If we pull Bri from dance, then we want to change where Carly dances, but it's lots more money and she would have to pick ballet or tap, because we can't afford to do both. I think I've made my decision about all this, but I'm just really stressed about it all. I feel like it does affect them for the rest of their lives, and that seems melodramatic, but it did me.
We also have to make a decision about Spanish immersion. They offer it at our school and it seems to be all the rage to put your kid in language immersion, but I have some reservations about. Again I know this will affect the rest of her life and it seems a bit crazy to have to make a decision like that for a 6 year-old. She keeps changing her mind about it too, she currently says no, but do I let a 6 year old make such a decision.
See big decisions in small packages.
It's all giving me a headache.

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Daley Family said...

I am loving the dual immersion. I struggled with the decision to put her into it because the school is 15 mins away so we drive for a hour a day to get her to and from, but I thought that the advantages far out weighed the inconvience. She is doing so well and I know that even though she didn't want to do it at the beginning of the year, that we made the right decision for her future. I don't think that anything is small when it comes to decisions about your children and their future. Good luck in your decisions :)