Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not as Much fun as an adult

Every summer when I was young I looked forward to going to Lagoon, the only amusement park close by. We all thought is was so much fun and I have some great memories there. The last time I was there was probably about 15 years ago. I have the greatest picture of Jon and I there when we were teenagers and I look so skinny (so skinny) and so young. Well Jon's company party was there today and we went mainly because the girls wanted to go. Lagoon is not as much fun as an adult as when I was 16. The lines were long and the rides were short and it was so so hot. Not to mention that Carly couldn't ride some things so I had to find something else to do while Daddy and Brianna role the roller coaster, hence my 3 trips on the train. Brianna is a brave little one and rode the White roller coaster 2X. My last ride of the day was the tilt a whirl. We must have weighted it just right because we spun and spun till even Carly who is a fan of spinning was getting a little panicked. I'm really hoping Jon's work has their party somewhere else next year and my kids will somehow magically forget about that place we went once with the rides, because I am not looking forward to going again any time soon.

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