Monday, July 21, 2008

What's in a Name

Another reason I waited so long to start my blog was that I wanted it to have a great name. My good friend Jill came up with this name and I think is is perfect. You know the saying 'If Mama anin't happy, Ain't nobody happy,' Well sewing makes me happy therefor our little family is happy. I love that my kids think that I can make them anything. I have spent many an afternoon sewing a rock star costume or other such idea from Brianna's head. And now when we go to the fabric store they each like to pick out someting to make. I also love making gifts for my friends and family. Chances are if you have know me very long you own one or two blankets or such that I have created. I've also started a little sewing business which has taken of better than expect and I enjoy so much. Some of the things I've made have been boring but I have also been able to create Blessing gowns and work on Wedding dresses and Bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, and I love that I get to help make someone's day that much more special.

My favorite by far is my quilts. I feel like an artist. Everyone is different and special. This talent was passed down to me by my Grandmothers and I feel a conection to these women, some who I have never meet, everytime I pick up a needle. I recently finished a quilt that was pieced together by my Great Grandma Bellows, or as we called her Grandma on the Farm. She died when I was 11 but I remember her, and I am honored the I have this heirloom. I hope my quits become heirlooms to the people I love most.

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Jill Oaks said...

I love all your quilts. They are so beautiful and each has its own personality.
You are a fabulous seamstress. I am always envious of the cute little dresses and things your girls are wearing.