Friday, August 1, 2008

Exciting Week

We have had an exciting week around here. Brianna started the First Grade on Tuesday. So Far she is doing great! She looked so cute the first day waling to school with her best friend and their matching backpacks. We, of course, had to follow and take pictures. She looked so big and mature waiting in line. She is getting so beautiful I just don't know what I'm going to do with her.

She also decided it was time to take the training wheels of her bike. I'm not sure how quickly other kids learn to ride a two-wheeler, but she seemed to pick it up very fast. Jon took the training wheels of on Wednesday and ran behind her trying to help. By Thursday night she had it down and tonight she was zipping up and down the street like a pro.

I'm so proud of my Big Girl.

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Jill Oaks said...

First off, that cheetah outfit is really cute. I had imagined some horrific ensemble that only a 6 year old could love, but I really like it. She looks so grown up.
And coincendentally, Tanner decieded this was the week of sans-training wheels as well. Must be that time of year.