Friday, September 19, 2008

Bribery or motivation

Brianna is in the first grade and about a month a go started having spelling tests. Jon and I happen to be to of the worst spellers on the planet, so I think I was probably more nervous for her first test than she was, especially the first week because I didn't really understand the note that was sent home explaining things and Brianna couldn't really tell me what was what either.
So now we know that spelling test are 3 parts; a spelling list, a sentence, and for some kids challenge words.
So three weeks ago Brianna came home with 100% + all the challenge words. I was so proud. Jon thought that this deserved a special treat and we told her we would go to dinner and that she could choose. She Chose 'the fire place,' (a Japaneses steak house where they cook at your table) A little more than we wanted to spend, but Daddy is a sucker and we went anyway.
A week later. Brianna comes home on Thursday and gets out her writing paper and pencil, sits at the table and says, "Mom, I'm ready," Normally homework time is a bit of a fight, so I said "why are you so excited to do homework?" She said, "I need to get 100% on my spelling test tomorrow because I want to go to Sizzler for dinner." She did get 100% but didn't get all the challenge words, but we decided it was still worthy of a Sizzler dinner.
So tonight, we are dining at Winger's, because She again Rocked her spelling test.
I'm so proud of how smart my little girl is, and I don't care if it is bribery it works and it gets Mom out of cooking.


bsajacobsen said...

I need to double check on the place, but my sister told me that somewhere gives a FREE something for 100% spelling tests. It is so hard not to give them what they want when you are so proud of them. I will ask my sister and let you know.

Andrea said...

That's my kind of bribery - something that benefits ME as well as the child!

stacey said...

Check Burger King they do something for spelling tests - good luck :)

Rachel Banks said...

My new motto is "What ever works". I completely believe!