Monday, December 15, 2008

I HATE Walmart

I have never been a fan of Walmart. They are too busy, to dirty and they have absolutely no customer service what so ever. I rarely go there unless I'm desperate. I think the money you save isn't worth the aggravation. My one exception is their photo lab. I like emailing my picture in and picking them up in an hour.

So today I had sent in an order and was going to venture out into the snow. The store I usually get things printed at no longer offers 1 hour photo so I had to go to a different one that is out of my way. I get there to pick up my prints and they ask me who took the pictures. I said a friend. They then told me that because it was a portrait that I needed to have my friend sign a release. WHAT? She isn't a professional photographer I told them. They don't care. I said I'll call her you can talk to her. No, she has to sign the release. I got the manager (which was a half hour process) No I still can't have my pictures until I get Jill to Sign for them. I was livid. I'm not proud of how I treated that lady, But. No where on the website or on my email confirmation order did it say I need to have a release signed to get my pictures. So Walmart sill has my photos and I will try some place else.

I'm never going in another Walmart. And I mean it.


Rachel Banks said...

Can you say "whack"? That is so messed up! So any time I have somebody take a family portrait, it has to be signed? That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Yesterday, I actually went to Walmart (Joe has forbidden me to shop there) because I bought these cute little clips and they broke immediately. I went to return them and only had one of the clips. I totally lied to the lady and said I didn't know there were two. I felt so guilty all night about it, because I didn't want to run home for the other clip! Now...I don't feel that guilty anymore. Thanks Al!

Jill O said...

On one hand, I kinda am a little flattered that they thought I was a professional photographer.
BUt on the other, I HATE WALMART too!

stacey said...

I left you a message on FB, but really I think the BEST place to get picture done is at Costco! I also take pictures for families, I am not a pro, but just love the hobby. My sister and other friends I have taken pictures for have had their pic's printed at costco, and they haven't questioned her. They are fast and the same as wal-mart or even a little less! Your picture is darling way to go Jill!

ezeldabeth said...

i have had this experience...but i AM a professional photographer (currently sahm) and i took portraits of my was such a hassle to pick them up...they want to see an original (of a digital file?)...i have also had this problem at walgreens...on one hand i am glad that there is a protection of copyright for professionals, but it is a big pain in the behind anyhow.