Monday, August 10, 2009

Sew Perfect Gifts by Alison

Sew, I really love to sew, and for years I have been making gifts for my friends and family and for years they have be telling me that I need to start selling my gifts. I have been sewing dresses and such for people for years and have had pretty steady work. But, I have always wanted to make more of the things I want to make. Sew, after years of talking myself out of it, I have decided to start selling some of the things I make. I started a new blog called I hope you will all take a minute and look at some of the things I have made. I would also LOVE it if you would add my new blog to your blog lists and tell all your friends about it. I will be putting new gifts up all week and hope to have new things weekly after that. I hope that you will find something that is Sew perfect for you or someone you love, and if you don't find something today that you will check back often or think of me when you need that perfect gift. Here are a few things I will be offering in the coming weeks.

More Quilts

Nightgowns perfect for any little princess.

Pillows for you little one.

or Pillows for you.
This really has been something I have wanted to do for a very long time so I want to take a minute to say thanks to a few people. First my Mom for teaching me to sew and always making me such beautiful things. My best friend Jill who is probably so sick of me talking about this but has been so great to offer advice and support. My sister Jenny, she has been my biggest cheerleader as I have been planning things out and has encouraged me for years to do this. And most of all Jon, he is such a great husband and father and I'm so grateful that he has made it possible for me to do this.


Kristi said...

Cool stuff and good for you! You truly have an amazing talent!

Jeana Bird said...

You are "sew" talented and I am excited for you and your new adventure. I love the book reading pillows and I can't wait for the two dresses you are sewing for Brooke...I am beyond excited! I will tell everyone I know!