Monday, January 11, 2010

The trouble with blogs

I have enjoyed blogging way more than I thought I would. When I was younger I was really great at keeping a journal, but have not been so good as an adult that is until I got a blog. Now all those fun stories about my kids actually get written down and when I'm feeling like I'm not a very good mom, I can look back at all the things I do with my kids and realize that maybe I am doing an okay job. But, the problem with blogs is that for the most part we all just write about the positive stuff that happens and not bad things or the things that upset us. I have written several posts and just haven't published them, about things that I need to get of my chest. It's not that I want every one to think that my life is all sunshine and happiness, or to brag about how wonderful my children are, its just that for the most part, when some thing is bugging me it has to do with things that only those closest to me would be able to offer advice on.

I also can be very snarky and cynical and if I were to write about the woman I saw at the ballet the other night who was wearing pajama pants, or how much it bugs me that women wear sandals and bare legs with dresses in the middle of winter, or jeans at a funeral, you would all just think I was an awful person.

So even though the January blues are setting in I'm going to try to keep on blogging, and look for that good things that are all around me.

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Natasha said...

You might find that alot of people probably agree with your comments, rather than thinking less of you. I'm the same way though. We could probably get some good laughs from each other. I got annoyed when I saw someone in my ward in jeans at the temple open house. If you ever need to vent, feel free to email me! : )