Monday, January 25, 2010

What a pain!

Several months ago the grocery store chain that I shop at was bought out, all that is but the one I shop at. For the last little while my store has been in limbo and now we have gotten the bad news that has of next month they will be closing. I'm so bummed. People have always told me I should shop other places with better prices, but I like my store. I have been shopping there for 10 years now. They know me and my family and are so good to us. Once Carly lost her stuffed kitten and since we were in a hurry to get out of there our Checker put out an APB on the loud speaker and moments later he was brought back safely to us. (Would that ever happen at Walmart? I think not.) I also have a mild flirtation going on with the produce guy, I once asked him to get a fresh stir-fry mix, which he did, and now he always makes it a point to ask if there is anything special I need. He also lets my girls pick an apple or banana to eat while we shop. I will miss the people there.
Now there is another grocery store just kiddy-corner from my store so you would think it won't be such a big deal to change stores, but it is. Every time I leave the new store I will have to take my life in my hands and have the choice of 2 busy streets to turn left on to. The new store is also very big, which in my opinion is not a good thing. The bigger the store the longer it takes to shop. I also have to figure out where everything is at the new store, and get use to new brands. You don't realize how important your grocery store is until it's gone.

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Rachel Banks said...

That's a funny post! Flirtation.... lol