Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little Mommy

Brianna went back to school this week after 4 weeks of track, and no one missed her more than her little sister. The girls had been playing a lot with their babies and Wednesday I noticed that Carly was taking extra special care of her babies, at one point she asked if they could watch TV and specified that it be one one Chanel 11. After lunch when she was putting the babies down for a nap again she told me that Bri had left a list for her of all the things she was supposed to do that day with the babies. Since Carly can't read yet she drew her pictures. Notice in the corners the boxes with check marks .

They are the cutest girls ever. I love the detail in the pictures. the zzs coming for the cradles and the notes coming from the radio.

Carly is such a good little mommy. She is my helper and some how has gotten the cleaning gene that I'm missing. She always wants to help me do dishes and cook and lately I will find her cleaning her room or the play room and when I ask her why she tells me she wants to make me happy.
She does make me happy. There is nothing that makes me feel like I am a good mom than seeing my girls pretend to be little mommies. I'm so proud of both my girls and I'm proud to be their mom.


stacey said...

That is so funny, it must be the age of these girls because Aubree makes list for me to do all the time for her dolls and stuffed animals while she is at school. And we have the check boxes too.

Natasha said...

What a cute little picture! Your girls are so cute.