Friday, February 12, 2010

Who am I trying to impress

I'm generally known as a crafty person, which can sometimes be a problem. When Brianna was in Preschool, we always made cute crafty Valentines, ID bracelets for the whole class, homemade Valentines. I even kept it up into kindergarten. This year, I have been trying to think of what cute things I should do, but then I got thinking about it, and we would need 20 Valentines for Bri's school class, 15 for her dance class. 12 for Carly's class, and 10 for her dance class. I know this isn't that many compared to some you out there with multiple kids, but I wimped out and just bought the store bought cards. For some reason I feel so guilty about this. I know no one is going to be looking though the bags and saying "That slacker mom Alison only did store bought cards and I know she could do better." Frankly the kids only care about what kind of candy is attached to said Valentines (Pixi sticks for Bri, Conversation hearts for Carly, she picked, remember she is a Pica she likes chalk) But, really I'm feeling like a slacker. I know it's a problem. I need to just get over myself.

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Natasha said...

Don't feel like a slacker!! You are an amazing mom- anybody who knows you and reads your posts knows that. I can relate- it's hard to not keep up what you've done in the past, but I've realized sometimes it's better for our kids for us not to not get stressed over stuff when they'll be happy with something else too. So don't feel bad anymore- you put the rest of us to shame! : )