Friday, February 5, 2010

A Big descision

Ever since Bri started school I have tried to be involved at her school. For the past two years I have been very involved in PTA. Last year I was the Birthday Mom, I much bigger job than I thought it would be. And this year I have been in charge of Donut Dates. I also try to help where ever else I am needed, and because it seems like there is a core group of about 15 or so of us it seems I help out a lot. I find it very rewarding. Brianna loves that her mom is around so much, I have a great relationship with the teachers and secretaries and I have made some really great friends.
The past few months the PTA president has been teasing me about what a great president I would make. Yesterday she told me that they plan to nominate me for President. I am freaked out. On one hand I am very flattered that this particular group of women think that I could take on such a big job, I also think they don't know me very well if they think I can. I also worry that I don't have the social or leadership skills I would need to do this. I have never felt like I fit in very well in my church community so how will I be able to relate to these women, but on the flip side of that, maybe that is a good thing because I could attract the moms who aren't churchy. This would be a 2 year commitment, as I would be pres elect next year and the Pres then next year. I just don't know if I could really handle the stress that would be involved is such an undertaking. I also know what an important job this is. I know that Becky and the others have thought long and hard about this and do not take the decision lightly. I just don't want to let anyone down. And seriously I'm not old enough to be the PTA Pres.
I watched a movie with Carly earlier this week and there was a quote in it that really struck me. So much so that I added it at the top of the blog, I can't believe how much it relates to what I am going to right now.
I really hope I can find the confidence and fabulousness to pull this off.


Jillo said...

You will be awesome! Hooray for Alison!
(if you need more pep talks, you know who to call. but for reals, you will be great!)

stacey said...

That would be Great, and you would be WONDERFUL!!! Good Luck!!!!!