Friday, February 12, 2010

I think my heart stopped

Bri has been riding horses for 2 years now and never fallen off, until today. She has been riding a new horse, Jewles, who is a former race horse and a jumper. Her teacher and I had just been discussing how much this particular horse liked to be ridden. Well her horse got excited and took off around the arena twice at a gallop with Bri holding on for dear life. I think my heart stopped as I she called out for us to help her, but there was nothing I could do. Her teachers finally got the horse to turn around just at Bri fell of. Luckily one of her teachers was there to beak her fall. It was the scariest few minutes of my life, and hers too I'm sure. Her teachers all remained so calm the whole time. She was crying and I ran to hold my baby. She was fine a few bumps, but no real damage. But as the saying goes, she got back on her horse and finished her lesson. She was so scared (so was I) but I'm so proud that she did it. Her teachers were all so great and understanding. Her teacher took her through some equine yoga to calm her down. I on the other hand need a drink. Her teacher proclaimed her a true cowgirl now that she has had her first fall. I know we have been lucky not having an accident till now and I know there will be others. Bri always rides with a helmet and I really trust her teachers. As much as I want to wrap her in bubble wrap and lock her in the house. I know how much she really loves horses. Lately she has been telling us that she wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up and win lots of trophies. We asked her at dinner tonight if she still wants to ride and she said she does. So, we will go again next week, and Bri will get back up on her horse.

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JM said...

I think I may sound like a doof here, but from one mom to another, I am proud of you! for letting her go back to riding! It must make you want to swallow your own head, to watch her jump back on! So you get a huge mommy award from me....for not letting your fear stop your child! Go Alison!