Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've blogged recently about our struggle with keeping rooms clean. So in a last ditch effort to get the girls to clean their rooms we resorted to bribery. We (Jon) promised the girls that if they could keep their rooms clean for one month they would get a fish tank. They have always wanted a pet, I'm not a animal person, so I was secretly hoping that they wouldn't do it. But, since daddy wanted the fish more than either of the girls he made it happen. They have been marking off the days on their calendars counting down the days and have done a really good job of keeping thing cleaned up, with very little help from me. Honestly the fish tank has been a better bribe than Santa.

They aren't excited at all.

Starting to fill the tank.

Bri the big helper.

We have to wait a few days for the water to balance the ph and such.
Stay tuned for the fish, coming Saturday.


Jillo said...

You are on brave lady putting 20 gallons of water in their bedrooms. May your fishes swim happy and free(ish).

Tommy + Monica said...

Fish tanks are soooo easy and fun to have! We have had one almost as long as we have been married. A couple of hints to help keep the tank clean and effortless on your part...get a filter that is recommended for a tank twice as big as your tank. We have a 10 gallon tank and our filter is recommended for a 20-40 gallon tank. It does almost all of the work for us, we just have to change the filter pad once a month or every other month. We also have a algae eater and he gets whatever the filter doesn't. Do not mix goldfish with other fish. Goldfish give off this nasty chemical that kills other fish, goldfish are also super dirty so no matter how big of a filter your tank will probably still be dirty! A fun fish to have that don't die to often are fancy guppies. They are almost always reproducing, so if a fish or 2 die, they replace themselves...and it is super fun for the girls to keep an eye out for the tiny tiny babies and watch the fish multiply. Neon fish are also fun!

Rachel Banks said...

I love that "We (Jon)" part. LOL. I hope it works out for you guys. I think I remember your house growing up...animals everywhere! No wonder you're not a pet person :)