Sunday, April 4, 2010


I love Easter time! The eggs, the dresses, the candy, it's all so much fun. We had lots of fun this weekend.

We dyed some eggs

With our cousin Atty

And of course the Easter Bunny hopped on by.

The bunny like s to hide our baskets and leave a trail of eggs for the girls to follow.

He left the girls some books and games and clothes

And they each got a zhu-zhu pet.

They had lot of fun.

We had brunch at my brothers and of course had an egg hunt.

Checking out their haul.

Picture with Grandma. Little Jack took a tumble yesterday and had to get stitches, he's still pretty darn cute.

We had a great day with family.

We also got fish this weekend. I'll post about them later.

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