Monday, July 26, 2010

My new favorite thing

A month or so ago my wonderful hubby got me a new toy, an itouch. I'm a little behind the technological times and have never had an ipod before. I love it. You might think that I promptly filled it with all my favorite music, but I have discovered podcasts. My new favorite thing is to find a nice shady spot under the misters and listen to my shows and play solitaire while Bri has her ridding lesson. I'm even looking forward to dance classes to start so I will have even more time with my shows. I've been working on a big quilt order and have to tie 7 quilts.I have 4 tops done click here to see them. I was a bit worried that the tieing would be very boring, but I tied one this morning and it was quite enjoyable because I had Ira Glass to keep me company. My favorite podcasts are This American Life, an NPR show, and another called The Parent Experiment. The Parent Experiment can get a bit naughty, but it is basically two ladies and a guest who talk about being parents, it reminds me of conversations I have with my best friend, and makes me feel normal to know that every mom freaks out a little sometimes. So cyber friends, do you listen to any podcasts that I should be listening to?

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