Thursday, July 22, 2010

The best summer ever

So remember how I complained a few weeks ago about going a little crazy, well we finally got out of the house and have been having lots of fun.

Last Friday I took the girls to Farm country. We always have so much fun there.

Of course, we have fun there, they get to ride horses. You'd think that the novelty of riding the ponies around the exercise wheel would be gone since she rides real horses all the time. But, Brianna never met a horse she didn't want to ride. Carly got to ride too.

We also went on a wagon ride.

These horses were named Bell and Holly.
Last week was a rough week. Our good friends and neighbors grown daughter died suddenly, then later in the week our other very good friends and neighbors announced that they had sold their house and were moving. I spent the better part of the week trying to help my neighbors, so Friday night we dropped the girls off at my Mom's and after attending the viewing for our neighbor's daughter we headed up the canyon and had dinner on the patio of our favorite restaurant. It was so lovely and I felt totally recharged after a good nights sleep.
The girls got to do lots of swimming with grandma and Saturday afternoon we took them to see Despicable Me. (very cute show, we all really enjoyed it)

Monday I took the girls to the float preview party for the big Pioneer Day parade this weekend.
They both got their faces painted.

Jon called me Monday afternoon and said he had tickets to the Rodeo that night. Remember my Mommy guilt over the parade? Well I also have mommy guilt about rodeos. When I was young, we always went to the rodeo, every summer, and I loved it. So I've felt huge guilt over the fact that I have the worlds most horse crazy little girl and I've never taken her to a real rodeo.
Needless to say we were very very excited to go. Sadly I didn't take a camera so I have no pictures of this even, but we had a blast. Durring the rodeo Jon asked Bri if she was having fun, she told him that this was the best summer ever. I haven't been to a Rodeo since I was a teenager and I had forgotten how much I liked them. We are hoping to get to another one soon.

Bri is still taking horse lessons, as she calls them, and is currently riding a pony named Blue. They make a good pair.

While Bri has her lesson, Carly gets to play with her little friend Willow. She is Brianna's teacher's daughter. They drive around the 'tractor' and deliver hay to the horses. Such cute little girls.

Wednesday, the girls and I convinced Grandpa Gail to go on a hike with us. We wanted to go to Lisa falls but couldn't find the trail head. Then I fell and messed up my ankle, so we called it a day.

Honestly, they are just too cute.

Thursday (today) we went to the Zoo with all our cousins. Cousins make everything funner.

Cutest bunch of kids!

Can you guess tomorrow's plans?
SLEEP! I'm exhausted!
Hope your all having a fun summer!

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