Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As promised, here are some pictures for the all horse parade. There are a lot of parades in month of July around here, and I'm not really a parade person, It's one of those things I feel mommy guilt about. When I was little my Uncle managed a bank that was right along the parade route for the big 24th of July parade, so every year we would sleep over at the bank and get up in the morning and watch the parade. it was so much fun. But now I would rather poke out my eyeballs then brave the crowds to watch the parade. That is why the All Horse Parade is the best. It's short and sweet, not many crowds and parking is great.

This is our little gang at the parade.

I also went on a hike with my cousin to Silver lake. It was a very relaxing morning.
These three goofs make me happy.

So you might remember last year when Carly cut her hair, Well you'd think my kids would be scarred from the tantrum I threw, but apparently not, because just last week Bri decided to cut her hair. Really? I thought we were past this. So this is how her hair turned out once my friend Tammy worked her magic. She didn't want bangs, but she really had no choice. She look pretty cute. She also looks so much like my sister it's a bit scary.

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Daley Family said...

We just went through the hair cutting for the 3rd time with the same daughter :) You'd think that either she'd learn not to do it or I'd learn to put the scissors where she can't reach them.

Looks like you've had a fun summer :)