Friday, February 18, 2011


Sorry for another slightly lame post but I'm sure you will forgive me because it has pictures of beautiful men.

I have a crush. I don't think I have been this obsessed with a celebrity since I was 12 and had a crush on the Newsies boys. My crush is Timothy Olyphant.

Isn't he beautiful? He has been in lots of things but no one ever knows who he is.

I fist saw him in Deadwood, it was an HBO series many years ago, where he played the sheriff of the old west town of Deadwood.

He has been in several movies since then and then last year he started doing a show called Justified. Again he plays a sheriff. It is so good, you should watch it. He has been doing the talk shows to promote his show and a movie he is in and he is just so cute. Half the fun is that my sisters are crushing on him too and we talk about him like he is Justin Beiber or something.

He is also in the movie Catch and Release from a few years ago. It is a good movie, he is very sexy, and has the best last line ever.
But, no one will ever beat the crush I have on this man.
So Sexy. I really love this man.

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Cami said...

Oh my gosh, I have a big crush on him too!!! I was thinking the same thing, that he is so good looking and no one even knows who he is. I saw him on Jimmy Fallon, I think, the other night and had to Google him. I couldn't get enough, hee hee!