Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trying not to procrastinate

I'm a huge procrastinator. I think I just work better under pressure, that and I'm not very organized and things sneak up on me. So every year I think I'm going to do something different and cute for my kids to give as valentines, because I hate the store bought ones. But I never seem to be that on the ball. This year is different I've got a lot going on so of course I feel the need to add to it. I had this great idea for Bri's Valentines.

We've made cards that say 'Straight from the horses mouth' and this picture will go inside.

For my little Carly we are repeating a melted crayon project we did a few years ago and are putting it with a mini coloring book.

We've also got to make a hundred days poster due Friday, Bri has to make a Valentines box, and I am in charge of a craft for Carly's party. I know not that much stuff, I've made a good dent so hopefully we won't be doing it all on Sunday night.

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