Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How often do you eat out?
I try really hard to cook on weekdays, but we usually eat out on Friday and Saturday. This last week though we have been bad. Last Thursday I helped all day at a school fundraiser and when I got home Jon went and got us In and Out. Friday was date night and Saturday we hit Taco Time. Sunday was a family dinner at my Mom's, by the time I got done with 3 Valentine parties on Monday I was exhausted so we went to Red Robin, We got such bad service that they gave us our meal for free. Last night Chick-fillet sponsored PTA night so we ate there. I finally managed to cook dinner tonight. I made meat loaf and it was good, I put cheese in the middle. I have no clue what I am going to make tomorrow. I don't mind cooking I just really hate trying to figure out what to make everyday. My sister in law is so good at planning out the meals for the week, but I'm just not that organized. Jon got me new skillets for Valentines day, romantic I know, but that is what I wanted. Most of our kitchen stuff I got when we got married which means it is now 15 years old. My friend says we should get to have a 'we stayed married for a long time so our stuff is old shower,' So we can get new kitchen stuff.
Now that I've rambled on...... Are your kids picky eaters. And, what is your favorite thing to cook. I need some new ideas. Share your good recipes.

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stacey said...

I go through phases with cooking, it is always so hard to figure something out. I am the best when I actually sit down and write down things to make for dinner, then I grocery shop for the things I need. I think the worse thing is not knowing what to make and then not having the things to make it :)

Try to sit down with Jon and your girls and ask them what they want for dinners, then make a list of the things you need and go grocery shopping. My kids like being involved and picking their favorite dishes :) I pick meals for 2 weeks (because I don't like grocery shopping) but just start by doing one week that is only like 5-6 ides if you don't mind eating left overs :)

If you need some new recipes I found a couple of Blogs that I just LOVE and use them all the time. They are simple recipes with "normal" ingredients :)
-just google these-

Jamie cooks it up & Our Best Bites

good luck! and happy cooking :)