Saturday, August 6, 2011

Travel Log; 10,11 & Home

Day 10 we moved camp again (I know we moved around a lot) Once we were settled we headed of to see the park. First stop was, of course, Old Faithful, and it was faithful.

We stopped for lunch at the Old Faithful Inn.

Then we stopped to see some other geysers.

You should all take your kids to Yellowstone. It is the perfect vacation. Even if you think your kids don't do well in the car, it is so great because you drive a bit then stop and see something really cool. Then drive a bit farther and see something else cool. Even if you just have 2 days you can see so much.

Gibbon Falls, they have been working on the road here and this spot has been closed the past few years.

Such a pretty spot.

Grandpa and his girls.

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Artist's point. My very favorite spot in the park and quite possibly the world. There was actually an artist there that day painting a picture, I got her card and I hope it will be my Christmas present this year.

A coyote pup, we wondered where mama was.

We stayed over night at the Fishing Bridge Campground and there were all these little huts kids had built all over. The girls loved it there.

My favorite picture from the whole trip. I love that when ever they pose for a picture they hug each other.

Day 11

Bri and Norris geyser basin. Carly was asleep in the car with mom.

Liberty Cap.

Mammoth Hot Springs.

Usually we see tons of elk all over the park but this time we only saw them at Mammoth.

Grizzly Bear in the Lamar Valley

Ice Cream at Tower falls.

We had actually planned to leave on this day, but I really wanted to see the upper loop of the park, and this is why I'm glad we stayed. The mountain sides were covered with flower. It was so beautiful. I had to get a picture of the girls in them. When stopped to take this about a dozen cars stopped to see if we were taking pictures of an animal.

I love the flower in Yellowstone!

Two years ago this same mountain side was covered in purple flowers. This year all mountains were yellow with Flowers.

I'm so glad we took the time to go on this trip. I love spending time as a family and a road trip is such a great way to do it. This was a great trip, we saw 3 National Parks, 4 National Monuments, got 6 ranger badges, and drove about 3,000 miles. We had so much fun. I can't wait till our next vacation.

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