Thursday, August 4, 2011

Travel Log days 7,8 & 9

Day 7 we headed into Wyoming to see Devils Tower National Monument.

It is really cool to see it rising up out of the middle of no where, and it was very interesting to learn about he geology of it.

A rare picture of Grandma Alice. What a cute couple!

They got their Jr. Ranger badges of course.

Family Photo.

Day 8 we moved camp then drove into Montana to see Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument.

This is one of the places we went to on our trip 16 years ago and it was really interesting and a little eerie.
It had changed a lot from our last visit. Mainly they have added many things to help honor the Native Americans who fought and died that day.

I thought this was such a beautiful wreath that someone had left.

They added a very big monument that tells about all the different tribes and even the Indian Scouts. It was beautiful.

During the Battle of Little Big Horn all the men were ordered to kill their horses so they could use them as a shield. Over 250 horses died that day. This is the monument that marks where they are buried.

After the battle was over the army came and buried all the soldier where they fell. Many years later they were moved to a mass grave, but they put up a marker in each of those spots. The Black marker in the middle is where Custer fell. Some of the markers just say soldier, some are even for civilians.

As you drive through the area you can see markers dotting the prairie.

Custer's headstone.

The monument where the mass grave is. It lists all the names of those who died.

They got another Ranger badge. 6 total for the trip.

Day 9 we had to move camp again, but our drive took us through some beautiful mountains in Wyoming. We stopped for a bit at the summit and took some pictures.

I Love these sweet girls.

We got to our next camp in Cody,WY, just outside of Yellowstone NP. Our campground had a swimming pool, so we spent most of the day swimming.

I saved the best for last. Still to come Yellowstone!

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