Wednesday, June 6, 2012

oy May!

The second half of May was just as busy as the first.  Jon was in Boston on business for a week and I'm just not as good without him.  But we did manage to have some fun.  

We went to the Zoo with our cousins and some friends.

 My friend Pam and I helped do angry birds for the 4th grade.  We made sling-shots out of exercise bands and stacked boxes for them to launch balls at.  They had so much fun.

 Brianna rode horses.  She even let her sister have a ride.  Poor Carly is so alergic.
 She is amazing.  She had lots of extra riding time to prepare for her first competition.
 She also works hard when she is there.  I wish she was as excited about cleaning her room as she is about cleaning horse stalls.

I also went on a field trip with Brianna's class.  We toured the state capital and the Daughters of the Utah Pioneer museum.  I took pictures on my other camera which I haven't downloaded yet.  It was fun and interesting.
 The girls both did so well in school this year.  Carly received her Eagle award, and her Presidential fitness award.
 So Proud of her.
 Brianna also got her Eagle award and the Presidential fitness award.
I'm so proud of both my girls!

Now,   let the summer fun begin!

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