Friday, June 8, 2012

My little Equestrian

 Last weekend Brianna competed in her first Dressage competition.  She has done a few western shows that were pretty low key, but this was her first English show and it was a pretty big event.  She was very excited and looked so cute in her little uniform. 

Bri and her teacher Jayme getting Black Pony ready.
 The girls and horses from her stable rode in the show.
 The first event was stadium jumping.  Her teacher had the girls run the course before they did it on their horses to help them remember.

 There are many jumps set up in a small area for this event.  I think it is just impressive that they can remember the order they are to jump in.  Black was his stubborn pony self and needed a few tries to get over some of the jumps, but in the end they did them all.
 She looks so serious.

 They ended up getting disqualified, due to pony stubbornness, but we were so proud that she did the whole course and all the jumps.

Next was the Dressage test.  The is to test the ability to control your horse.  The arena is marked and you walk and trot you horse at different points

 They preformed like pros.  Her teacher was so proud of her scores in this event.
 The last event was Cross country jumping.  While we were waiting for her turn another horse got spooked and was a bit out of control. That kind of scared Brianna, and she need a little pep talk from dad.

 And she's off......
 The course was 10 jumps spread out over about a 1/2 mile, so we couldn't see a lot of it. 
 She did so good, and we are so proud of this sweet girl and her pony.
 All the girls did great that day. 
I have a feeling that this won't be our last event! 

Her teacher made the sweetest video of her. You can see it here.

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