Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween Happenings

Halloween is always such a busy time of year and this year and my new job it was busier than ever.  But, I still found time to make to Fairy costumes for these little cuties. 

 The stable Bri rides at had a fundraiser the weekend before Halloween and so this year I even had to make a costume for a pony.

 The Stable Place rescues horses and ponies this is the story about Black Pony.

 There were pony cart rides and lots of other fun activities.

 A costume contest for horses and riders.
 The parade at school is always so much fun.  Carly's wings were too big to fit down the aisle.

 We always have the cousins over for dinner and some trick or treating

I'm always exhausted by the time we are done, but it's worth it for these cute kiddos!

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