Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Disneyland

Mommy is really not a fan of thrill rides, but I don't want my kids to be scared of doing things, so I sucked it up and went on a bunch of rides that I really didn't want to go on. 

This was the Ferris Wheel, or Micky's Fun Wheel.  You could either ride in regular gondolas, or in swinging ones on a track.  For some reason I didn't think they would be that bad, but they were by far the scariest ride I have ever been on.  They even have motion sickness bags right in the car.

 They skipped through the park.
 The climbing wall.

 Day 3
 Tea Party with my girls

 Goofy Daddy
 Lunch at the Big Thunder Mountain Ranch. The girls got in on the stage show.

It's a small world.

 Day 4 was mommy's birthday.  We stopped at town hall to get a birthday button and Pinicco stole Carly's map then gave us directions.

 Main Street

Cars Land.  It was so cool and the ride was really fun!

 Flying tires

 Maters tow trucks

It was a great four days. We were so happy to take a trip with our little family and we had so much fun!

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