Friday, November 16, 2012


Last week we gave the girls a huge surprise.  We took them on a trip to Disneyland but only told them a few minutes before we were going to leave.  Here is the link to the YouTube video of our surprise.

We were able to fly to LA and got to Disneyland just in time for lunch.  Then we hit some rides.  One of our favorites is the Jungle Cruise.

 Buzz Light year's Astroblaster.
 Our second day we started out at California Adventure.  Both girls were so brave and went on rides that even mom didn't want to go on.
 Bugs Life World

 We took our princesses to meet some other princesses

 We had lunch at Ariel's Grotto on the Paradise Pier.  It was good food and a very lovely lunch.

 I love these princesses!
 They brought us a amazing desert tray, including a white chocolate sea shell.
 They we went on Toy Story Mania.  It was a long line, but worth the wait.

My goofy little family.
Well Blogger won't let me upload more photos so I will do the rest tomorrow.

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